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New Trailer Financing

New Grain Trailer Financing

Timpte has available to our qualified customers flexible financing terms.


  • Different financing plans are available.


  • Preserve bank line of credit
  • Leasing may be a tax benefit
  • You maybe able to lease a trailer with minimal financial investment


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Application will be processed within 24 hours


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Option 1

 Bring completed application to any Timpte Factory Direct Location: 
                   Aurora, NE - Bloomington, IL- Council Bluffs, IA - Madison, WI - Mankato, MN - Mt. Pleasant, IA -
                   Princeton, IL - Sioux City, IA - Sioux Falls, SD - Urbana, IA

Option 2

Mail to: Northland Capital Financial - Timpte
              PO Box 7278
              St. Cloud, MN 56302


 *Adobe Acrobat Required



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