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Super Tender Specifications




  • The patent pending Timpte Combination Auger Tender Conveyor System is comprised of a two piece auger system; a lower twin auger mounted underneath the hopper system and an inclined auger mounted to the suspension subframe weldment to convey the material from the lower auger to a point above and behind the trailer, and a hydraulic control system to drive and manipulate the augers. The Timpte Auger System is unique in that it provides a unique, high performance, portable conveyance solution.


  • Intended for use with a 40’ Timpte Combination Auger /Hopper Trailer for the conveyance of free flowing granular commodity from discharge beneath the hoppers to an elevated discharge point above and behind the trailer.


  • Lower auger assembly is welded stainless steel construction with twin 7-3/8” diameter corrosion resistant straight flighting augers. Attachment for the lower auger uses pinned connection through flanged brackets to the trap frame weldments. Ground clearance of the lower auger is 14” under the hoppers and 8 ¾” at the transition. 


  • Inclined auger is welded stainless steel construction with a 9” diameter corrosion resistant flighting auger. Attachment for the inclined conveyor utilizes two pinned connection points to the Timpte Combination Auger / Hopper Trailer suspension subframe weldment. In transport position, the inclined conveyor extends 12’ 8” behind the trailer at a height of 13’-1” (11’ discharge height). In working mode, it can be elevated to a maximum height of 15’-11” (14’ discharge height). The vertical elevation is accomplished using a pair of hydraulic cylinders mounted to the trailer rear frame. The working inclination of the conveyor is between 26.5 and 34 degrees.


  • The hydraulic system controls include a valve bank with independent valves to control the direction of rotation for either the lower or inclined auger. A third valve controls elevation of the inclined auger. 
  • The Timpte Auger System requires an independent hydraulic power supply of 50 GPM at 2800 to 3000 psi of clean, filtered oil or the use of the optional, similarly rated self contained hydraulic power unit. 
  • Connection of the Timpte Combination Auger / Hopper Trailer to the hydraulic supply is accomplished through 1” Quick couplers (Parker 6600 series) mounted on the nose of the Timpte Auger Trailer with male connectors on the supply side and female connectors on the return side.
  • Normal operation of the augers causes the augers to rotate to move material from the front of the trailer to the rear and from beneath the trailer to the top of the inclined auger. The hydraulic system does provide for operation of the lower auger only in the reverse direction to assist in unloading any residual materials left in the hoppers. 
  • An option is available for a self-contained hydraulic power supply. 


  • The Auger system comes with conspicuity tape along the length of the incline conveyor. It also comes equipped with a separate three light identification cluster of three red LED lights and Weatherpack wiring connectors.


  • 18 month limited warranty.