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The Most Cost Effective Way To Open Your Doors

  • Timpte "Patent Pending" Exclusive
  • Designed to be the most efficient trap opening system in the industry.
  • Easy and Reliable!
  • Electrical connectors and radio receiver are enclosed inside the control box to protect them from the elements.
  • The operator can open the trap from the side of the trailer, the cab of the truck, or use the RF Wireless Standard Remote.
  • The “Easy Flow” trap system has been engineered and thoroughly tested to be effortless, secure, and reliable.
  • Premium biodegradable hydraulic fluid flows from the reservoir in the apex to the cylinders through stainless steel lines that won’t rust or corrode offering years of dependable service.
  • The “Easy Flow “controls allow you to open the doors gradually while unloading if needed.

pdf_icon.gif  Download Easy Flow Hydraulic Trap Brochure