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F-4000 Tender

The Timpte F-4000 Tender was specifically designed and engineered as a dedicated tender for hauling seed and fertilizer to the field. This tender features a high quality, hydraulically-driven stainless steel belt conveyor system that is coupled with the strength and durability of a Timpte Super Hopper. This trailer can legally haul up to 26 tons and unload it in minutes. At Timpte we understand that no operation is the same, that is why we have the flexibility to customize your tender to meet your specific needs.


New Standard Features


Fertilizer_Tender_Hydraulic_Door_W.jpg    Fertilizer_Tender_Electric_Tarp_System_W.jpg       
The patented EZ Flow Hydraulic Trap™ has been thoroughly tested to meet your tough hauling demands. From field to road there is no hydraulic or electric trap that compares to strength and reliability of the EZ Flow. Thunder Power Tarp 6000XR utilizes One-Touch™ Technology, which allows the operator to open and close the tarp system with one push of a button. Remote Included.
Fertilizer_Tender_Door_W.jpg Fertilizer_Tender_Sight_Glass_Window_W.jpg
Timpte’s new flow deflector design allows the operator to 
fully open the doors without having to meter the product onto the belt. This also eliminates spillage.    
4” x 8” sight glass windows provide 
increased visibility inside the hopper tubs during loading and unloading.

Hydraulic System

 Hydraulic Requirements


• 2500 psi operating pressure
• 20-25 GPM
• Hydraulic reservoir – 30 gallons

Fertilizer_Tender_Swing_Hydraulics_W.jpg Fertilizer_Tender_Hydraulic_Motor_2_W.jpg
The vertical hydraulic cylinders move the upper
conveyor tube up and down while the horizontal
hydraulic cylinder moves the conveyor tube left to right by 9 degrees.    

The upper and lower assembly units  utilize hi-performance Parker hydraulic motors.


Belt System Features

Fertilizer_Tender_Chute_W.jpg               Fertilizer_Tender_Belt_W.jpg

20 to 25 gallon per minute wet kit
average discharge rate exceeds
4000 lbs. per minute.

(Depending on product)

Cleated belt design for greater angle of conveying products into today’s tallest floaters and air seeders.


Fertilizer_Tender_Conveyor_W.jpg Fertilizer_Tender_Controls_W.jpg

Conveyor is constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel     

Easy to use controls make operation effortless. It also includes 1 gauge for monitoring hydraulic pressure.

Popular Options

Fertilizer_Tender_Compartments.jpg     Fertilizer_Tender_Tub_Vibrators.jpg
3 or 4 Compartments Permanent Vibrators
Fertilizer_Tender_Work_Lights_W.jpg     Fertilizer_Tender_Power_Unit.jpg

Work Lights

35HP Kohler Command Pro Power Unit




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