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Popular Options

Timpte customers work closely with their sales & engineering representatives to build trailers to meet their specific needs. These popular options are only a fraction of what Timpte has to offer!

Color Panels

2017_Super_Hopper_Farm_Hopper.jpg Silver Wall Panel Main - th 2017_Super_Hopper_SL.jpg  Pop_stainlesssteel
White Silver Black Stainless Steel 


Sidewall Heights

Sidewall Height

Tub Options

Ag Hopper Hi-Flow Standard Split Tub
      pop_Ag_Tub.jpg             pop_Hi_Flow_6-12-12.jpg             pop_Two-piece_formed_tub.jpg      
Design: Two Piece Formed Tub  Design: Two Piece Formed Tub  Design: Two Piece Formed Tub
Aluminum: .125"   Aluminum: .125"   Aluminum: .125" 
Side Slope: 35.8 Degrees  Side Slope: 43.5 Degrees  Side Slope: 43.5 Degrees
Ground Clearance: 25"   Ground Clearance: 20.5"  Ground Clearance: 17" 
pop_continioustub.jpg pop_doubleknockrails.jpg pop_doublerailside.jpg
Design: Riveted Tub Full Knock Rails Upper and Lower Side Knock Rails
Aluminum: .100" and .080"    
Side Slope: 43.5 Degrees    
Ground Clearance: 17"    
Pop_vibrators.jpg pop_upperslopevibrator.jpg pop_removeablevibrator.jpg
Side Slope Vibrators End Slope Vibrators Removable Vibrator
pop_trapframevibrator.jpg pop_Side_Chute.jpg pop_thirdhopper.jpg
Trap Frame Vibrator  Side Chute Third Hopper


Trap / Door



Low-Torque Door Two Speed Operator



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  stndfeatures_100_3192.jpg        pop_twosppedoperator  


Tarping Options

Thunder 6000 Logo resized Standard Roll Return Enclosed Tarp Cap 
Thunder_6000xr_Series_12-22-2016.jpg    pop_rearrollreturn    pop_Enclosed_Tarp_Cap.jpg
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 pop_rearcornerventpost.jpg  Thunderstone_Manufacturing_Trademark_1-15-2014.jpg
Rear Vent Cap Rear Corner Vent Post   Click Here www.thunderstonemfg.com for all your tarping solutions



Liteweight Options


Stainless Steel 

Corners Inserts Nose Rear Sidewalls
pop_Stainless_Steel_Corner_Inserts.jpg             pop_Stainlesssteelnose.jpg               pop_ssrear.jpg       pop_Stainlesssteel.jpg


Axle Options

Tandem Spread Tri-Axle Tri-Axle Evenly Spaced
pop_tandem       pop_spreadaxle       pop_Rear_Lift.jpg       pop_Evenly_spaced_tri-axle.jpg
Front Lift Axle Rear Lift Axle
pop_frontlift.jpg       pop_Rear_Lift.jpg

Misc. Options

pop_cornermudflaps.jpg    pop_enclosed_trailer.jpg    pop_Dust_Sheilds.jpg    pop_Full_Width_Aluminum_Step.jpg
Front Corner Mud Flaps Front & Rear Enclosure Dust Sheilds Full Width Aluminum Step
pop_insideliner.jpg    pop_Interior_Access_Steps.jpg pop_landing_gear_mud_flaps.jpg pop_psisystem.jpg
Front & Rear Interior liner Interior Access Steps Landing Leg Mud Flaps PSI Monitoring System
pop_SightGlassWindows.jpg    pop_permitholder.jpg    pop_permitholdercylinder.jpg    pop_rearaccessdoors.jpg
Sight Glass Windows Permit Holder Permit Holder  Rear Access Doors